BREAKING: Will Meghan attend Diana’s statue unveiling? Rumors make heads spin with confusion!

Publications spewed rumors they couldn’t even keep straight!

Hi. I’m Mimi. I’m the founder of Royally Inspired. We gather news about the Royal Family from all around the world and share the ones we believe are truth and not fiction. Should be easy, right?

Most days it is. Most publications back up headlines with fact, or at least toss in words that won’t get them sued.



“A source close to the subject said…”

“A source is reporting that…”

And in the case of gossip news with the Royal Family, most headlines from trusted sources report the truth, or semi-truth. But stories get rushed. Deadlines are tight. And with the Royal Family, millions of people from around the world demand headlines 24/7.


The Royal Family courtesy of dukeandduchessofcambridge, Instagram

But today was despicable. The biggest news story should have been about the Royal Ascot; a 5-day long horse racing event with glorious fashions and scenes with Royal Family members mingling about. Instead, the headlines today contradicted each other in live time. And what was the big headline?


OMG! THIS IS HUGE NEWS! Wow! Meghan will have bounced back from giving birth in a matter of weeks! She will fly halfway across the globe to honor her husband’s dear mother. What a sacrifice! And with all the snickers and snide remarks from people everywhere? Good for Meghan!

But then, the headlines changed…


Whoa, wait a minute. What is going on?

Even hours after the rumors started flying, Google News still lists contradicting headlines.

Google News at approximately 5:00pm Central

“Sources” from various publications ranged from “friends” to a Twitter post from a gossip columnist. Not even an article from a gossip columnist. A Tweet.

So Friends, today we are reporting:


That’s right. Enjoy some of our past articles and follow us on Facebook for discussions!

I recommend reading: The Simple Truth About Meghan Markle by Sally Frazer, our featured guest columnist. Sally shares her perspective on the horrendous maltreatment Meghan Markle has endured.

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Thanks for reading!





The latest Royal Family News, Fashion, Style and Entertainment.

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Royally Inspired

Royally Inspired

The latest Royal Family News, Fashion, Style and Entertainment.

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