Kate ‘stepping into’ Prince Philip’s role of Royal Family patriarch following Duke’s death

Kate Middleton

KATE, the Duchess of Cambridge, is “stepping into” the role of the patriarch within the Royal Family following the death of Prince Philip, according to experts.

The Duke of Edinburgh passed away in April and his funeral was the first time Prince Harry and Prince William met face-to-face after the Duke of Sussex stepped down as a senior member of the Royal Family.

But amid an ongoing feud between the royal siblings, experts have predicted Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is stepping into the shoes of Prince Philip.

In an interview on 60 Minutes Australia, royal expert Katie Nicholl said Kate is the “glue” that holds the Royal Family together.

She said: “I think Kate is the glue.

“In the same way that the Duke of Edinburgh was always the one who would help resolve family issues.

“He was the patriarch of the family.

“I see Kate stepping into that role.

“Trying to keep things together.”

During Prince Philip’s funeral, Kate, William and Harry were seen chatting as they left St George’s Chapel and walked back to Windsor.

But the Duchess of Cambridge quietly stepped back to allow the royal siblings to speak, reportedly putting their feud behind them.

Ms Nicholl went on to say how Kate was the “peacemaker” between the brothers.

She wrote in Vanity Fair: “Unsurprisingly it was Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, who has previously acted as a peacemaker between the brothers, who instigated the much longed-for truce after the service. Read more: daily express